Top 10 Best Nautica Colognes for Men [2019]

Top 10 Best Nautica Colognes for Men [2019]

Ahhh! The Good Old Nautica Colognes

Brings back memories!

I was in freshman year when I got into the Football Team!


After Practice, I stank like a PIG

A friend in class gifted me a Cologne on my birthday.

On the pack, she had written “Wear It Everyday” (I wonder why!?)


It was a Nautica Cologne!

Unline Burberry, Tom Ford, Gucci, Curve or even Creed, Nautica Colognes are popular because they have the right balance of great range, they smell brilliant and are not too pricey.

So for those looking for a classic yet economical Cologne, here are the Top 10 Best Nautica Cologne For Men

10 Best Nautica Cologne For Men


1. Nautica Blue 1.7 Ounce EDTS

One of the oldest sprays launched back in 2007, it remains a popular choice in the market. With an enchanting oceanic smell, it reminds you of the powerful waves.

This energetic scent infuses basil, sandalwood, and jasmine giving it a fresh look.

In terms of pricing, the product is less expensive and delivers more. It’s ideal for those who aim to stay energetic all day long. It’s a light scent and reapplication is suggested for best results. Ideal for dates, party and get together, it keeps you fresh and energized. With a stylish and modern design to hold its magic. Total value for money!

  • A fresh feeling all day
  • Affordable luxury brand
  • Light fragrance


“Exactly what I was looking for! It gives a fresh aquatic note to my day. However, it would have been even better if it could last longer”

“It’s a fresh take on marine scents. Loved the packaging. Elegant and classy look and feel. Certainly keeps you coming back for more The smell is great! But, not suitable for long wear”

2. Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray, 0.5 Ounce

Nautica Voyage is meant for bringing out the man in you. An ideal half an ounce spray manages to capture the senses in the best possible way. It’s a long lasting spray that infuses the enticing green leaf along with the freshly-cut apple. With musk and amber chips, it celebrates masculinity. Definitely for men, who love being outdoors?

It has the signature Nautica aroma with deep aquatic notes and the product speaks luxury at its best. The long-lasting effect makes it perfect for you to wear it after gym, heavy workouts or at fun-filled adventure sports with your gang.


  • For a sporty and masculine feel
  • Ideal for gifting comes in stylish packaging and body.
  • With notes of cool dewy moss, musk and woody amber, it is invigorating to the senses.

“Travel-friendly, with the long lasting smell. No doubt! This is perfect for any man to feel complete with this effective cologne. The masculine scent is a head-turner!”

“This is amazing! A must try for those who need a splash of refreshing yet an intense cologne that will last throughout the day/night. It’s got great packaging and I absolutely loved how the scent remains strong without being overbearing. ”

3. Nautica Voyage N-83 Eau de Toilette Spray

Nautica specializes in aquatically themed scents and is especially useful for the warmer weather months. This scent manages to captivate the sense with its woody and aromatic notes. Definitely a head turner for its sweet and subtle flavor, infusing the quirkiness of cardamom and nutmeg and the subtleness of sweet lavender it’s a great addition to anyone’s collection. N-83 carries with itself the fun and casual vibe and is a nice and clean scent that is oceanic and smooth, especially from the lavender note. The refreshing flavor it carries with itself so gracefully leaves a calming effect on the senses. Hence this linear fragrance is an ideal choice for office-goers.


  • The fresh, aromatic, woody scent
  • N-83 is much more oceanic/salty as compared to other colognes offered by the Nautica house

“This cologne makes a great gift! I recently gave it to a friend and he loved it! It’s an ideal luxury brand which offers a variety of the same theme.”

“One of the best choices I made, ever since I’ve tried it, I’ve got nothing but compliments from my colleagues and even my boss. Now I swear by it”

4. Nautica Life Eau de Toilette

Launched in 2014, Nautica Life pays celebrates the lifelong journey of love. The fragrance is a balanced blend of pure sparkling Living Sea Salt and Organic Ivory Coast Ginger for an invigorating energetic feel. The classic notes of refined Wood, Organic Tonka and marine Sea moss create a seductive sense of magnetism. This is one powerful performer from the Nautica house, keeping in mind the aquatic theme of the whole brand, linking freedom, freshness, masculinity, and love as its keynotes. Ideal for special date nights, it will leave your loved one wanting for more. This cologne has everything that can simply be labeled as ‘irresistible’.


  • Romantic marine theme
  • Exciting body design, with pale blue color cylindrical flacons
  • Value for money


“I wore it on my first date, and she loved it!! We’re getting married now. Best one out of the entire Nautica series. I still swear by it. Regardless of the low price, Nautica perfumes still deliver an exceptional oceanic smell that comes with different notes to balance it accordingly.”

“At first, I thought this would be very soft and light, but I was mind-blown by the result! I got compliments all day for it! A must-have for men who seek to make an impression!”

5. Nautica Voyage by Nautica Eau De Toilette Spray

This fragrance, anchored by a rich fusion of dewy moss and refined woody amber gives a powerful yet romantic side to the scent. This is for a man who loves his freedom and is a true ‘Nautican’. The scent imbibes many emotions and hence is unique. With the green leaves romancing apple, along with the lotus tinge and linen sail of a yacht, this is one unique spray for the adventurous souls. The face of the scent is TV host Caster Oosterhouse, a truly romantic person with an adventurous soul, a true ‘Nautician’.


  • Green, floral and fruity
  • Unique fragrance
  • Satisfying longevity and performance


“It is so intense, yet not too overbearing or irritating. You definitely can’t miss it! Very nicely balanced and versatile to wear. Can be worn any time, any day, of any season. Worth buying!”

“This is amazing! Definitely, a must try for those who need a splash of refreshing yet an intense cologne that will last throughout the day/night”

6. Nautica Pure Discovery

With top citrus notes, Nautica Pure Discovery is one unique cologne for a fruity and fresh feeling, which will undoubtedly cast a sweet spell on the ladies. It has got a fruity rush to it owing to lavender, mandarin orange balanced with ginger, clary sage, as well as Amalfi lemon. Nautica Pure Discovery aims to showcase the fun side of your personality, and is definitely meant for men who are adventurous and fun.

Ideal for parties, brunches and movie dates with your girl. The product delivers an exotic floral blend without being heavy on your wallet.


  • Nice Citrus Top Notes
  • Inexpensive
  • Good Summer Scent


The product has a fruity fragrance but it has a synthetic feel to it and short-lived projection, it’s good for casual wear, however, I would have loved if the fragrance could last longer. Overall I feel satisfied as for its inexpensive luxury cologne. It’s a bit overhyped, but the product is still good concerning its cost”

7. Nautica Aqua Rush

The Nautica Aqua Rush Cologne is one unique perfume that leaves you with a sweet aquatic smell making it oceanic and masculine. It comes with a refreshing smell and is counted among the best colognes for men. The perfume blends in the fresh notes of seawater and yuzu with delicate hints of mint tingle and violet leaf as the smell perfume.

This cologne is long-lasting, versatile and you can wear it any time of the day. It will still deliver its fantastic freshness whether you are having a calm day at the office or a busy rush outside.


  • Sophisticated yet Masculine in fragrance
  • Long-lasting and high performance
  • Very versatile, ideal for formal settings


“One of my best buys, it’s so minty and fresh. It calms my senses. I was lukewarm about it in the past, but since my wife suggested me, I decided to give it a try and trust me, I’ve never been disappointed. It’s ideal for regular wear, be it in the workplace or casual setting. It’s fresh, it’s dewy, and it’s fabulous.”

8. Nautica Classic

Nautica Classic also stands among the top 10 best colognes which have a musky and masculine smell. Being one of the oldest Nautica colognes for men, launched back in 92 it still never fails to deliver a powerful performance. And certainly qualifies as a unique and sophisticated perfume that gives you a light and fresh scent.

The cologne carries a woodsy fragrance with hints of sage and lemon notes. Delivering a crisp smell that is musky and calming. This one is perfect for the adults and seniors, who are love relaxing as its fragrance carries a very relaxing undertone. Because it is too light, it’s suggested to wear in warm weather.


  • Woody flavor
  • Musky and old-fashioned
  • Not too overbearing


“My daughter-in-law gifted this to me on my 40th birthday, and trust me when I say this it has never failed to deliver. I love how musky it feels. It’s one of my favorite from the Nautica collection. It gives you a strong yet laid-back vibe. I love how my mates from the golf club look up to me. It’s a subtle summer cologne that I would recommend to all those who love chilling outdoors”

9. Nautica Blue Sail Eau de Toilette for Men

It has a fresh, light, crisp fragrance with sophistication owing to citrus and woody accords. Nautica Blue Sail was launched in 2017 and gives a very definite aquatic and invigorates both mind and body to hustle and conquer the mighty waves. It opens with delicate citrus notes from orange zest and bergamot, paired with woody notes from rosemary. The middle notes of the cologne constitute of cypress and lavender, which give it a romantic and sweet fragrance. It is the perfect fragrance for men who love the freedom of outdoors but wants a refined scent as well.


  • Energetic, Enthusiastic, Endless
  • For day and night
  • Long lasting Aquatic Fragrance and Woody scent


“The product being launched very recently carries with it a modern vibe. I love how the packaging is, simple and sophisticated. This was a present from one of my friends and I being a fan of luxury brands, Nautica Blue Sail was my first experience with the Nautica brand and seriously I love it. It’s a decent buy and keeps you coming back for more. For me, it’s ideal for daily wear”

10. Nautica Blue Eau de Toilette Spray

A total value for money, Nautica Blue was launched back in 2005. With the signature Nautica fragrance, this too has managed to keep the same aquatic and marine flavor intact. The fragrance was designed by Maurice Roucel and ever since it has been satisfying consumers all over the world. With top notes of pineapple and peach, followed by middle notes of jasmine with the sweetness of water lily and base notes of sandalwood musk and cedar, this is one fruity mixture of right tanginess and exoticness. It’s an aromatic and aquatic scent for men who prefer a subtle taste in cologne. It’s one of the oldest scents from Nautica. However few users find it a bit synthetic to wear on warmer days, hence its suggested wearing it occasionally.


  • Masculine with a fruity fragrance
  • Very crisp and refreshing
  • A pleasant base of fruity aromas, masked beneath the scent of jasmine
  • Value for money


“It was my signature scent in college, later, however, I switched to other colognes. But recently I started using it again and it still has not lost its charm. Absolute value for money as compared to other brand offerings. I like how aquatic and fruity the smell is. It reminds me of my time surfing in Miami. Love the marine theme of Nautica Blue. It comes in a standard bottle, which is travel-friendly.”

Hence I would urge all my readers to at least try anyone of the cologne. You all can have your own story to try this.