10 Best Tom Ford Cologne for Men [2019]

10 Best Tom Ford Cologne for Men [2019]


There is no other way to say this,

Tom Ford Colognes are probably the best the world has to offer.

I mean it:

Tom Ford is the one that took Gucci to where it is today.

Tom Ford believes his fragrances can worn be Men and Women alike.

In fact;

Black Orchid’s (one of the most successful Tom Ford Cologne) users are 30% Men.

There is no one as passionate about fragrances as is Tom Ford.


If you are a man or woman of taste class and like to live the life in the classic realm of luxury then Tom Ford colognes are specifically designed for you.

These are specifically known for their bold and provocative approach. Style and class are termed as the synonyms of this brand and every fragrance commercials revolve around it. Tom Ford released its first line of fragrances in 2006 and from then it was a sensation among the Celebrities and Designers.

The sophistication clubbed with modern sex appeal makes it the one-stop choice for every individual.

For those wondering, here are the Top 10 Best Tom Ford Colognes For Men:

Top 10 Best Tom Ford Colognes for Men


1. Tom Ford Noir Extreme Men Eau De Parfum Spray

The Tom Ford Noir Extreme is the third version of the Noir series which were launched in 2012. These series were exclusively catered for the male customers for the enticing touch of masculinity it holds. The fragrance was developed to keep the masculine fragrance with other scent diluted to make much more susceptible. It was a big hit as soon as it entered the market and was highly appreciated by the customers who desired much stronger cologne in comparison to the predecessors.

The composition consists of the chosen blend of fresh citrus juices with spicy notes which give it a tangy mixture. Saffron, cardamom, olives, and Morelia gives it the mirth at the beginning. A mixture of rose, jasmine and orange blossom helps it to dilute the fragrance and create an ambient touch.


●       Masculine Scent

●       Warm and inviting

●       Long lasting


If you are looking for something special that will leave a lasting impact on your date night then you should probably try it. It is very good for ball nights and leaves a long-lasting fragrance

2. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum

The Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is a universal cologne which is appreciated by both men and women. It appeals to the unisex due to the mixture of it’s two widely liked scents. The soft perfume of vanilla which descends to create an aura of tranquillity is especially liked by the fairer sex. It helps them to remain above the crowd without getting noticed or changing the attention. On the other hand, the vanilla scent combined by the tobacco is liked by the men which give them the feel of masculinity without dominating the tribe.

This scent belonged to the private collection of the Tom Ford which was released in 2007.  It became an instant hit among the men and women because of its dual nature yet the submissive power helped it retain its stature.


  • Long Lasting
  • Popular among Men and Women


I personally prefer this cologne for everyday activities as it has both mild and pungent character. It is perfectly suited for my office meetings where I do not want a very strong scent which can turn heads in my way but also a strong enough to make them feel the presence. Thus the dual nature of the cologne is best suited for me.” “I am a mother of two children and all the housewives can relate to me that sometimes how hectic it becomes to stay alive with your child’s schedule. This perfume helps me to keep the charm intact everywhere. Be it your child’s classroom, playground or his/her hobby classes, it perfectly suits for every occasion

 3. Tom Ford Extreme

The Tom Ford Extreme was limited edition cologne which was released in 2007 and has still retained its supremacy in the market. Such a long period itself speaks volumes about its popularity among the men who want to try it. This cologne was specifically designed using the Japanese amber and sandalwood which gives it a different aroma. It is designed for men who have a taste for strong fragrant. It is a solid masculine cologne which keeps the masculine fragrant intact while transitioning from evening hours to happy hours.

During more humid evenings or high temperature, the cologne dominates to keep your scent rising.


●       Appropriate for Happy Hours

●       Strong masculine scent

●       Works in all season

●       Good in humid and hot conditions


“I like this as it keeps me lively in the after office hours and helps me look fresh even after a hard day’s work. The scent is strong enough to make your presence noticed by others. My personal opinion would be to go for it if you like to work hard and play hard.”

4.  Tom Ford Noir for Men Eau de Parfum Spray

This Tom Ford Noir has launched in the year 2012 keeping in mind the subtle yet manly scent which is desired by the males who are regular to work. It is a good choice for men want to wear cologne in the summer months and warmer spring. This cologne is designed to cater to the needs and requirements of a perfume which can withstand the temperatures and can maintain the aroma without being affected by the outdoor temperature. It has sexy flavor citrus, vanilla, amber and earthy tones that blend with outdoor smells and create a sassy look.

This scent is best suited to clean polished and masculine men. It is ideal for men who are in the workforce and have to maintain a tight schedule in a day.


●       Masculine Scent

●       Good for warmer climate

●       Ideal for the work environment


If you are looking for something sexy and appealing during your work hours then Tom Ford Noir is the best choice for you. I personally wear it during my office hours and it also remains during off visits in a warmer climate as my work tends to include traveling a lot

5. Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood Eau De Parfum

The Tom Ford Private Blend Oud was released in the year 2007. It is one of the slow charging matadors which looks calm yet catches with great grip. It is the most sensual perfume among the Tom Ford Series of cologne. The subtle smell of tonka wood, vanilla, amber, sandalwood, and rosewood makes it your body buddy. The slow rise of the aroma makes it grow upon your body and adapts itself to your body odor creating a more genuine impact and personal signature. The scent slowly develops and may seem unnoticeable in the first few hours but later grows to create a sensual impact. It will hug your skin to create a personal impact.


  • It’s Fragrance create a sensual impact


“I was first introduced to this cologne by my husband. The smell was quite different from the usual cologne which has a dark and pungent smell to raise the sex appeal. However, this was much more sensual and romantic which has a personal touch to it. I later used it myself and was impressed by the way it develops on the skin and does not have an instant profound effect. I would suggest it to all who are in their 20s or 30s to try it for once. You may fall in love with it.”

6. Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

This Tom Ford cologne is designed to extract your masculinity and add to it. It is made for your special time when you go out to meet someone special and want to leave a lasting impact. The perfume adds a level of class, sophistication and artistic sense in you. It is made by an innovative technique which is employed to extract the ingredients from it. It has two layers which are segmented. The mixture of nutmeg, orris and pimiento and the bottom layer contains the golden amber wood and oakmoss. These ingredients are responsible for giving it a more natural flavor which makes it more unique.


●       Natural Flavor

●       Segmented Scents

●       Recommended for Special Occasions


The Grey Vetiver is my personal favorite from the series of Tom Ford cologne because it has that special touch which is usually required to make the lasting first impression. I was introduced to it by one of my friends who gave it to me before I was leaving for a date and since then I have never parted myself from this cologne

7. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

The Tom Ford Tuscan is unisex cologne which has fascinating a fragrance. It is a private blend which comprises of twelve different perfumes which are mixed in an order to create a blend that will have a different scent. The premium customers can also get exclusive chance to change the blend composition and create a more personal and customized set.  It was launched in 2007 and comes in two bottles of 50ml and 250ml. The perfume draws its name from Tom Ford love for leather. The chief ingredients comprise of saffron, thyme, blooming jasmine, black suede, and leather amber.


  • Can be used by both the sexes
  • Classic
  • Leather scents are still famous


It is just phenomenal! I have always been a fan of the more customized and classic products and this cologne fits the requirements as per my taste. I will b presenting this to my better half this month

8.Tom Ford Absolute

If you want to invoke the artistic charm in your charisma and have a sense of allurement then this particular fragrance is for you. The building block of the perfume or the primary scent that builds its strata is honey. The honey scent is further escalated by the notes from pure amber, African incense, rich wood, labdanum, and elements if vanilla bean. The perfume is unisex and is especially famous for women. The packaging is quite attractive and keeps to its name of artistic pleasure. It comes in the bracket of high-quality desirable product which makes it quite popular among the young crowds.


  • Attractive packaging
  • Best gift in the unisex category


My mother gifted this to me during my final year in the college. I still distinctly remember the day when I sat with my employer discussing the project and suddenly he praised the scent I was wearing. I was very happy with this present which made me more noticeable during my first week in the office

9.Tom Ford Italian Cyprus

The Tom Ford Italian Cyprus is designed keeping in mind the Italian lineage. It is a unisex perfume. The men and women who are a fan of the designer Italian clothing are attracted to this cologne. It is made from the mix of traditional elements of scent making but employed a more modern and novel approach. If you are searching for a subtle scent with all the enchantments that can preclude your clothing then this perfume is particularly made for you.

It has high notes of Bergamot, geranium, moss, rockrose, mandarin, clove, spearmint, patchouli and cypress. It is made to cater the taste in more generic fashion rather than particular in nature.


  • Generic in Nature
  • Goes with every style
  • Italian lineage


“I picked up this cologne on the mere advice of my shopping assistant during my visit to Milan. I was quite skeptical at first before buying the product but after its use, my view changed dramatically towards it. Now I personally use it frequently and suggest my other friends try it.”

10. Tom Ford Black Orchid

Do you want to receive all the attention in the room? Do you like to be spotted by everyone as you enter in a party? If you are in affirmation to the above questions then you are the right person for the Black Orchid. It is a unisex cologne which is the right solution for such situations in which you need to instantly draw all the attention towards your side, with a complex and strong in nature. It is made up of strong fruity fragrance which is balanced with the sultry woods.

The cologne is a luxury product which is hard to get in everyone’s closet. It has a nice erotica scent which helps you to gel with everyone and makes you the star or highlight of the evening.


  • Strong and masculine smell


The black orchid was a wedding gift from my husband but unfortunately, I never had the occasion to try it out for a long time. However one community party I was fortunate to wear it and everyone was asking about it. The ladies were envious of my style and I can see the hidden glances of men which were quite uncommon before. I guess the scent really did wonder for me