Top 10 Best Burberry Cologne for Men [2019]

Top 10 Best Burberry Cologne for Men [2019]

My friend at work is a fan of Burberry Colognes,

So I asked him to help me write this blog on the Top 10 Best Burberry Colognes.

Alvin feels Burberry is a reliable brand when you are traveling and have a meeting to go to.

You need to smell your best.

In fact, Alvin too was recommended Burberry Colognes by senior at a meeting in Houston.

He remembers how the senior had everyone’s respect as he was the sharpest in the room.

Anyways Alvin has since used almost the whole range of Burberry’s, and here is a list of his Top 10 Best Burberry Colognes

Best Burberry Colognes For Men

1. Burberry Touch For Men Eau de Toilette

The Burberry Touch for Men Eau de Toilette was launched in 2000 is the softer version of the Burberry range. It is filled with the fragrance of nutmeg, Virginia, cedarwood, white pepper which is balanced by the infusion of mandarin leaves and violets. It is very light in nature yet very versatile. It is absolutely suited for the men who do not want to get empowered by the strong smell but like to carry an essence with them. It is ideal for the audience who want to be on the stage but do not like to be in the center of the stage. It will not define your style but compliment your personality so it becomes a part of the person. It is the one of the best Burberry cologne 2018.


  • Clean and refreshing scent
  • Can be used for everyday
  • Small quantities can be used for longer duration


“It is great for everyday use. It gives a subtle smell which follows you all day still it does not make you the center of attention by very pungent or strong odor. The best part is those very small quantities and can leave a very long duration effect.”

“I use it regularly for my office and its elegance helps me to raise up my confidence. The soft touch is cherished by me and aroma lingers everyone who all are around.”

2. Burberry Brit Rhythm For Him Eau De Toilette


The Burberry Brit Rhythm is the new collection. It is a perfect mixture for a person who wants to leave his eccentric charm even after he leaves. It is built keeping in mind the alpha males who would prefer a more masculine smell. The best feature of the scent is that it can be worn in both day and night and hence it is more apt for both the timings. The cologne is made from the woody invigorating scent which causes a strong pulse. It was launched in 2013 keeping the lively and electrifying audience who always demand something more than usual.

It is recommended that for best results it should be sprayed lightly on the wrist and neck allowing it to dry without rubbing.


  •  Young and masculine scent
  •  Can be worn in both day an nigh
  • Long lasting


“My personal preference for Burberry Brit Rhythm is because it helps me to stand out in the crowd. It is good for the date nights or a club night with friends. I can also wear it for a formal meet where I have to meet the executives or clients. The strong masculine smell is especially praised by the feminine company.”

3. Burberry Brit For Men Eau De Toilette


The Burberry Brit Men was launched in 2004 which is unisex scent but is more popular in the male counterparts. It is sophisticated and stylish and holds the unique elegance. The citrusy mandarin, spicy notes of ginger, masculine nutmeg and wild roses gives it a unique blend. A light blend of patchouli and tonka bean can be detected in the after notes of the fragrance. The fragrance can be worn by both men and women which is versatile with time. The women consider it more because they do not want to outcast their presence with a strong odor but want to make their presence noticed.


  • Modern and elegant
  • Long lasting
  • Subtle yet prolonged
  •  Unisex


“I personally do not like a strong or distinctive smell. Being a housewife I like to retain my charm with a subtle smell which can last all day and I do not have to spray it frequently to retain its effectiveness. The Burberry Brit helps me to have both the benefits.”

4. Burberry London For Men Eau De Toilette

The Burberry London Men is an exclusive scent which combines the sensual and erotic smell with elegance. It can be best described as a magic potion in a bottle. The customers who have used it has always said that it has a charm of its own. The scent is made from bergamot, lavender and warm cinnamon which are combined with few drops of mimosa flower which is rich in oak leather and moss. It is suited for men from all ages and has quite a generic appeal from all men.

It was launched in 2006 and since then the distinctive fragrance has remained quite popular among men.


  • A spicy and sophisticated fragrance
  • Sensual and erotic


“This scent is perfect for all occasions, although it is not very strong but the sensual smell it carries has a charm on everyone. I usually use it during holidays and day outings.  If you have those killer dance moves or know the charm of being the star of the party then this will help you to excel. It will personify the charm you carry and will fetch everyone towards you.”

5. Burberry London Eau De Toilette


Launched in 1995, the Burberry London is the oldest fragrance in the Burberry collection. It has a woody aromatic smell which is quite stronger than the younger siblings of this range. The fragrance consists of sharp and spicy smell with the remnants of lavender, amber, mind, sandalwood and richer oak wood. It is a fragrance which will not let you slip away unnoticed. If you are an alpha dominating male who wants to grab the attention of the room as soon as you enter the room then this is made for you.


  • Lasts about 6 hours
  • Eccentric


“When I first used this cologne I was in my mid-thirties and since then I have been using it. The cologne has remained an integral part of my kit and now I am in my mid-fifties. It can be used by men of all ages and hence it still makes me feel that I am young enough.”

6. Burberry Weekend for Men


The weekend collection of Burberry men is perfect summer wear, it can be easily sprayed upon as you leave for the beach for outdoor fun. It does not lose its fragrance easily in the outdoor and is made for men who are sporty and love outdoor activities. This cologne has a citrusy opening that is crisp and is followed by breezy feel that works like an instant energizer. The citrusy notes are a little sour while the breezy notes are a little floral which are balanced by the melons. It has a little light fragrance which is appreciated by women who do not prefer the dominative masculine scent. It is cool and leaves a soothing effect on the body.


  • long lasting
  • masculine scent


“This particular cologne was in my husband’s kit where I first saw it during our holiday in the Bahamas. The extensive heat there can make anybody sweat profusely and not cologne was able to hold the body odor. This particular smell attracted me to try it out and I was mesmerized by the effect it had during such extreme weather. Since then I have been using it.”

7. Burberry The Beat for Men

If you are an ardent follower of style then Burberry Beat is the trendsetter for you. It has the artistic pleasure in it combined with the sensual touch that creates a touching aroma. It is designed for modern men who like the citrusy fruity smell. The cologne does not only contain the citrusy notes but has a combination of vetiver and pepper which makes it stand out from other cologne. The infusion of the woody scent is especially used to highlight the masculine tone in the scent. The cologne has an adequate amount of longevity which makes it perfect to last for a longer duration.


  • Lasts longer than others
  • Fruity smell
  • Woody essence


“ I gifted this to my younger brother on his 18th birthday and to my surprise, he became a  big fan of it after the first use. He told me that the fragrance was liked by her friend and many of his classmates asked him the name. I was very much delighted to listen about it from him and seeing his excitement made me happy.”

8. Mr. Burberry EDT

Mr. Burberry is the newest in the collection of the Burberry cologne. It was launched in 2016 and was not an extreme hit with its launch. However, it gained its popularity slowly. While the other counterparts were an extreme hit with their launch it is the only Burberry cologne which climbed the ladder slowly. The Burberry mall scent is generic in nature may be this attributed to its low popularity when it was launched. It gained momentum soon when it was introduced to the crowd who had a more generic taste and were not of the opinion of definite or dominating smell.


  • Long lasting
  • generic smell


“When I went buying a cologne for me I have heard the brand name of Burberry but I was not aware of the Mr Burberry. I bought it without much research and now I am happy that I do not go for the conventional options as it perfectly suits me. It easily blends with me and gives me the low yet sensual touch.”

9. Burberry Summer

The Burberry Summer is a playful fragrance which is designed for the playful months of spring and summer when the temperature rises above normal. It has been widely accepted that during extreme weather conditions the temperature causes the effect of the cologne to decrease exponentially. There is very few cologne who can actually survive and retain their essence in extreme temperature and none which can survive outside. Thus the Burberry Summer collection is designed specifically keeping this in mind. Also, they target customers who have to regularly remain in the sun. It is highly appreciated by outdoor photographers, models, sportsmen and by those people whose job require much outdoor exposure.

There is a relaxed scent to the cologne best suited for a light grasp in the night or upbeat atmosphere.


  • Best for those who spend their time more in sunlight
  • Long lasting


“I am an outdoor photographer and have to remain in sun for more than normal hours. Hence I require a cologne which does not expire too soon in the sun. My personal favorite for this purpose is the Burberry Summer as it is best suited and gives above satisfactory result.”

10. Burberry Brit Sheer

The Burberry Brit Sheer is a lively and romantic perfume. It is made for those special moments which you want to etch in your memory. The warmth and the smell of your loved ones whom you want to cherish afterward. The scent features the sparkling notes of bright yuzu, mandarin, with pineapple leaves, luscious lychee, and grapes. The perfume reveals a mix of floral, peach blossom and a hint of nashi. The fragrance has a luminous veil of white musk and creamy Amris wood.


  • Romantic scent
  • Long lasting


“I used this perfume on my wedding and since then I have been a great fan of it. My husband is completely fond of its fragrance and we have used it. The smell is so romantic that it adds an extra layer to the ambience making the atmosphere more erotic and sensual. I love it and would suggest it to all the newly-weds who want to enhance their experience.”


The Burberry range of perfume has everything for a man. They cater to the demands of their huge consumers and always satisfy them. A cologne from the Burberry brand will help you to make your presence more prominent in any place. It is suited for every type of occasion be it, party, outdoor, date, office or any other social gathering.