Top 10 Best Polo Cologne for Men [2019]

Top 10 Best Polo Cologne for Men [2019]

It feels Great to get a gift from Dad on your B’Day.

It feels even better when you find out that the gift is a Polo Cologne by Ralph Lauren.


This article might seem bias to some of few,


The Polo Colognes by Ralph Lauren are my absolute favorite.


I am considered somewhat of a Cologne Connoisseur among my friends.

I have a huge collection of fragrances,


when I received my first Polo Cologne by Ralph Lauren…..

…….it became the crown jewel of my collection.

Today morning;

while I sprayed my Green Polo Cologne,

I got the idea for my next blog post!

Here are the Top 10 Best Polo Colognes For Men:

Best Polo Cologne For Men


1. Polo Cologne Green by Ralph Lauren for Men

Polo Cologne Green by Ralph Lauren is the oldest fragrance of the Polo family which was first launched in the market in 1978. It is probably the best fragrance of the Polo collection and its aroma is appreciated by men of all ages. The different undertones with the notes of leather, tobacco, wood, basil as well as oak moos give it’s fragrance the texture that sets it apart from the others. If you are looking for a Polo, go for the Green Polo Cologne.


  • The best colognes for dinner dates or late meetings
  • Attractive fragrance
  • Rave reviews
  • Affordable


The fragrance of the original polo green is ideal for daily use and it has been as  necessary to my survival as is my morning coffee
It has been among my most preferred choices and I love wearing it for my meetings
I simply loved the pleasant and soothing aroma of the polo green

2. Polo Cologne Blue by Ralph Lauren

Polo blue has an energizing aroma, so much so, people say they feel a mood change after they put this on. How correct is that!…well its for you to judge. The fragrance is cool and breezy, hence the name Polo Blue. It has the undertones of amber which give it that characteristic cool, pleasant and refreshing fragrance. The airy scent makes it best suited for the morning meetings or semi-formal occasions. The Polo Blue is highly recommended for those with a bad body odor. The fragrance is relatively affordable.


  • Breezy cool fragrance
  • Ideal for formal occasions
  • Priced appropriately


Polo Cologne Blue has been my personal favorite and it has been one of the necessary parts of my daily routine
The aquatic scent of the polo blue is simply awesome

3. Red Polo Cologne by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Polo red is one of the strong fragrances which are pleasant which effectively creates a nostalgic vibe to an individual. It is remarked as the best perfume ever because of its unique fragrance. Its fragrance is sweet, warm and with a bit of spice. It has a strong aroma that spreads readily into the surrounding areas. Moreover, one can easily recognize the strong essence of the fragrance even in the huge crowd of people. The excite essence of the fragrance makes its a perfect choice for any grandeur. It is signature cologne which creates a remarkable impression of an individual. It is an effective twist of intimacy. On the other hand, its aroma is cool and creates an impression of wealth and wrath. Apart from the above, the distinct notes of the fragrance are inclusive of red grapefruit, hot amber, red saffron, sage and many more.


  • Exciting fragrance
  • Sweet with a spicy twist
  • Defines luxury
  • Strong fragrance


The strong an elegant aroma of the polo red has enforced me to make a purchase
I was introduced to this fragrance by one of my colleagues. Since then it has been my personal favorite and does not miss outputting the aroma on any special occasion or event


4. Black Polo Cologne by Ralph Lauren

Polo black was launched in the year 2005. It is a simple yet bold scent with a pleasant aroma. It has a woody fragrance which has a moderate lasting period. In addition, the subtle citrus notes give a feeling of freshness. The fragrance is elegant and has been effectually in influencing the moods of different individuals. It is best suited for any important occasion and special events


  • Woody fragrance
  • Creates an air of elegance
  • Classy fragrance


It was my interview when the Polo Black fragrance helped me.  I felt confident in facing the entire panel
The bold aroma of the polo black was something which I enjoy putting on my clothes. It has been a perfect fragrance for me

5. Polo Red Intense by Ralph Lauren

Polo Red Intense Cologne is the perfect fragrance for men. It was introduced in the year 2010, since then it has been the go-to fragrance for many men considering its intensive fragrance which comes with a hint of spice. It is a signature perfume and its fragrance lasts for a longer period of time. In addition, the spicy fragrance of the cologne has helped an enormous crowd of individuals to mark an impression of their personality. Moreover, the top note of the red intense cologne includes grapefruit, cranberry, lemon, saffron as well as ginger, coffee, sage, and lavender.


  • Darker scent profile
  • Strong spicy aroma
  • Elegant and long-lasting
  • Signature fragrance


It has an ideal fragrance which is strong as well as long-lasting. I love to carry the fragrance to my formal meet as well as a grand event or party
The long-lasting and strong aroma of the polo red intense spray has benefitted me a lot to resist my unpleasant body odor

6. Polo Double Black by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren pole double black is the suitable fragrance for the masculine. It has a luxury aroma and usually harms the individuals in its surrounding with its unique essence. Opting for the product is considered as a convenient option. It is a combination of fresh and woody notes. Moreover, its unique fragrance has been appreciated by a majority of individuals. In addition, it effectually influences the mood of an individual through its elegant essence. It notes are inclusive of Indonesian nutmeg, roasted coffee beans as well as mango, pepper and the cardamom, jump berries. Besides, it is the perfect blend of distinct elements combining to form an elegant and charming fresh, woody as well as an oriental note.


  • Luxury segment
  • Woody essence
  • Appreciable fragrance


The fragrance of the polo double black is long lasting as well as stable. To be more precise, the aroma remains the same till the end of the day
The signature fragrance of the polo double black is ideal for daily use and I carry it almost everywhere with confidence

7. Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren polo sport has a passionate fragrance that built in the spirit of confidence amongst the individuals opting for the fragrance. It has a very pleasant and an overwhelming aroma which has enforced individuals to make a purchase. It defines passionate energy as well as youthful charm, in addition to a perfect blend of refreshing notes. In additions, the masculinity elegance of the product with an earthy base note of sandalwood complements the entire fragrance. Moreover, it even caters the adventurous side of an individual.


  • Exciting fragrance
  • Best suited for the modern youth
  • Strong essence


Just opted for the product for the first time and loved its fragrance
I am unaware of different cologne fragrance but opting for the Lauren polo sport helped me to fetch a lot of compliments from friend and family for my pleasant body odor

8. Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren polo modern reserve has a unique fragrance which is just perfect for summer and winter. It has a simple and cool fragrance with a woody and leathery note. Its essence is simply awesome and is best suited for the modern youth. In addition, its pleasant aroma has been praised by all those who have opted for the product. It is a signature scent with the sensuality of calmness and warmth.  Moreover, it effectually influences the mood of an individual.


  • Cool and refreshing aroma
  • Luxury fragrances
  • Unique and best suited for modern youth


The essence of the polo modern reserve is simply perfect and I enjoy putting the fragrance
Just opted for the product for the first time and was really proud of my purchase on smelling the fragrance

9. Polo Red Rush by Ralph Lauren

Polo red rush is a perfect blend of saffron along with fresh red grapefruit and redwood. It delivers the sense of instant freshness and coolness just in a single spray. Opting for the red rush by polo will boost you up the rush of passion, energy as well as freedom. The fragrance has been invigorating as well as mass preferred. Moreover, its intense and extreme essence makes it best suited for men’s. Besides, if you are in search of a strong and best fragrance then you are suggested to the top for the red rush fragrance which is attractive as well as cost-effective. In simple terms, a majority can easily afford for the reasonable amount charged for the signature fragrance.


  • Ideal for regular use
  • Attractive fragrance
  • Energizing and fresh aroma
  • Mass preferred


The intense aroma of the polo rush is great and I love carrying it pleasant aroma every day to my workplace. In addition, it refreshing aroma energizes me by the end of the day
Red rush cologne by pole I simply awesome and I loved its fantastic and pleasing aroma

10. Polo Red Rush Extreme by Ralph Lauren

Polo red rush extreme is one among the most preferred choices of the individual. The signature fragrance of the cologne has attracted the individuals. In addition, its unique fragrance makes it apart from the others. Moreover, the red rush extreme has a stronger aroma which makes it the best as well as long-lasting. Opting for the product is considered to be a convenient purchase with effectual benefits. It is the best fragrance of the polo family whereas its strong essence and effortless application add to the effectiveness of the fragrance.


  • Strong aroma
  • Long lasting
  • Attractive fragrances
  • Creates effectual nostalgic vibes


The spray is bold and strong which is pretty impressive. I loved how the fragrance had a stable as well as the durability of the fragrance
I am very pleased to the boldness of the fragrance and I prefer opting for the product in order to ensure a surer purchase
Polo red rush has a unique fragrance which is pr from all other variants of pole cologne. In addition, the fragrance of the product last longer and has become a necessary purchase for daily use