Top 10 Best Mont Blanc Colognes for Men [2019]

Top 10 Best Mont Blanc Colognes for Men [2019]

A Brand that symbolizes soulful artisanship and attention to detail.

A Brand so exclusive, only a handful of people own most of their product ranges

That is Montblanc for you!


The exclusivity of Montblanc is well known


There is very little awareness regarding their Colognes…

…..In fact, some Fragrance Connoisseurs claim Montblanc to have the Best Colognes

So here are the Top 10 Best Montblanc Colognes For Men

Best Mont Blanc Colognes for Men

1. Mont Blanc Legend Spirit

Launched back in 2016, the cologne uses its tagline “Follow Your Spirit” showcases the freshness enthusiasm and zeal that the fragrance carries with it. Mont Blanc Legend Spirit is one of the Woody Aromatic lines from the Mont Blanc house. The cologne encompasses a warmth and pleasant smell of the wood, making it an ideal choice for office wear. Filled with flavors of bergamot, pink pepper, and mild grapefruit. With notes of lavender and refreshing aqua, it infuses freshness in your everyday routine. Mont Blanc manages to deliver it’s subtle yet sophisticated with Mont Blanc Legend Spirit. It’s a versatile cologne, ideal for daily use, in the workplace or in a casual setting. The cologne maintains its sophisticated signature style and is definitely meant for those men, who desire classy signature scents.


  • Woodsy aromatic scent
  • Very versatile
  • Masculine yet carries a soothing aroma


One of my favorite cologne from the Mont Blanc collection. I received it as my graduation present from my sister and trust me, I’ve made it my signature scent now. Its pretty versatile and I wear it every day to the office. It’s got a decent fragrance which is not too overbearing, yet it manages to turn heads around

2. Mont Blanc Emblem For Men

Mont Blanc Emblem For Men was officially launched in 2014, globally and ever since its been creating waves in the market. One of the finest colognes from the Mont Blanc house, it encompasses class and luxury at its best. This passionate and intense scent is definitely for men who embody luxury and nobility. The packaging is quite attractive and keeps to its name of artistic pleasure. It comes in the bracket of high-quality desirable product which makes it quite popular among the young crowds.

The exquisite fragrance comes from the blend of wild grapefruit, sage extracts and strong flavor of cardamom. With these flavors delicately balanced by cinnamon bark, woody, and tonka bean. It’s one ideal choice for a man who is raised in the lap of pure luxury.


  • Intense fragrance
  • Great performance
  • Long lasting


It’s one of the best choices I made with respect to choosing cologne. It is definitely a scorer. The packaging is pretty decent with a  stylish flask. I save it for special occasions such as date nights, the fragrance is pretty enticing and my girlfriend loves it
Travel-friendly gives you a luxurious feel. It has a long-lasting intense smell which works fabulously on special days. The cardamom gives the cologne a very masculine edge

3. Mont Blanc Legend Pour Homme

Mont Blanc Legend is a fragrance for men who embody confidence and passion. Strongly scented, this intense cologne will surely make a noticeable mark. The nose behind this devil is Olivier Pescheux. Combining masculinity with mystery, this will definitely keep heads turning. Launched in 2011, Mont Blanc Legend is delicately scented with top notes of bergamot, verbena, and lavender with a hint of oakmoss romancing with jasmine, white cedar, and plum complimented with the artificial flavor of moss, sandalwood incense, and tonka bean. It is one fine masculine scent, embodying courage and confidence, with the simple yet powerful aroma, that can cast magic on anyone.


  • Intense and long-lasting fragrance
  • Masculine Scent
  • Warm and inviting


If you are looking for something special that will leave a lasting impact on your date night then you should probably try it. I usually save this for a special occasion though it should not be applied generously due to its intense fragrance, a few sprays do the trick

4. Mont Blanc Individual Eau de Toilette

Mont Blanc is a premier luxury brand which is recognized by all the people in the world. The brand is synonymous with sophistication and high-quality the Individual Eau de Toilette one timeless cologne. Introduced in late 2003, it is designed for men who are romantic and well refined in their taste. With the alluring scent influencing mood levels, uplifting your mood and calming your senses, its one phenomenal scent with long-lasting fragrance. The perfume adds a level of class, sophistication and artistic sense in you. It is made by an innovative technique which is employed to extract the ingredients from it. It has two layers which are segmented. Keeping in mind the subtlety of the fragrance, reapplication is suggested. However, its mild fragrance is what makes it a timeless classic. This cologne from the Mont Blanc house has still managed to keep its charm even after a decade since its launch. It has a very expensive smell and even though it has a medium projection level, its still makes it to the top 10 Mont Blanc colognes.


  • A Very Timeless Cologne
  • Has An Expensive Smell
  • Very Subtle


I was first introduced to this cologne by my colleague. The smell was quite different from the usual cologne which has a dark and pungent smell. However, this was much more sensual and romantic which has a personal touch to it. I later used it myself and was impressed by the way it develops on the skin and gives a luxurious feel. It is my personal favorite and I would strongly recommend it

5. Mont Blanc Star Walker Eau de Toilette

Star Walker is the brand for the modern man, the new generation which will shape his own future. It is a fresh fragrance with a sensual base and spicy flavored notes. It had a woodsy tinge with the softness of sandalwood. It is ideal during both formal and informal events. Michel Almairac, the man behind refining the scent of perfume has deliciously mixed with the aromatic notes of bergamot, tangerine, pink bamboo, characterized with sharp citrus with middle notes carry the scent of nutmeg and ginger, bring sharp pungent to balance the original flavorful notes. The slow rise of the aroma makes it grow upon your body and adapts itself to your body odor creating a more genuine impact and personal signature. The scent slowly develops and may seem unnoticeable in the first few hours but later grows to create a sensual impact. It will hug your skin to create a sensual effect. Any man who is a fan of style should not miss this scent.


  • Sensual Scent Profile
  • Too Strong
  • Versatile Fragrance


The fragrance has a special soothing effect which plunges anyone into deep thought. Seems a little boring at first, like other colognes but after wearing it a few times, you’ll notice there’s nothing quite like it. It is a fragrance which will make you addicted to it. You will not be able to resist the temptation of not wearing this fragrance for once
Pretty STRONG generally. It is one of those generic air-freshener-in-an-air conditioned-room fragrances. Quite sharp when it starts off and stays sharp for quite a while. I kept sniffing it hoping that it would mellow down but alas it was not to be

6. Mont Blanc Presence

Mont Blanc Presence embodies an oriental flavor – spicy for men and was launched back in 2001. Corinne Cachen was behind the creation of the fragrance of this perfume. This is the first fragrance brand and outlined Mont Blanc theme of luxury and class. The perfume of this modern oriental fragrance opens with fresh notes of bergamot, ginger, and cardamom with cinnamon. With the classic and delicate with notes of sage, sweet apple, and heliotrope flower. Mature masculinity is revealed through the base notes of tonka bean, amber, sandalwood, and musk. Casual scent encompassing romanticism and excitement is a perfect choice for many different occasions. The aroma brings modern elegance and helps exudes dynamism and spirit of adventure.


  • Natural flavor
  • Segmented Scents
  • Recommended for special occasions


It is an excellent office scent because it seems to blend in with modern architecture with that crisp and with a touch of freshness from apple. It is a little sharp off the top, but when it dries down, the cedar comes out and gives it a solid base to hold onto. In fact, the overall feel is one of the pencil shavings amidst a bowl of citrus fruit
A very nice fragrance with an interesting blend of freshness and spices, good alternative to all fresh scent. I personally loved it. Quite unique, though not groundbreaking, clean, with a little sweetness

7. Mont Blanc Emblem Intense

The Mont Blanc Emblem is the masculine fragrance of the Mont Blanc collection. The Emblem Intense was launched in the spring of 2014. It is the enhanced version of the Emblem series which is made for male counterparts who like much intense scent which is not available in other fragrances. It has the authentic essence of the Mont Blanc family yet caters to the specific demand of the consumers. It is the stronger, deeper and more sensual version of the Emblem series. The spicy smell has the notes of grape, clary sage, cardamom, and coriander seeds. The elegant smell is wrapped in the leaves of the violet leaves of fruity accord Pomarose, nutmeg and cinnamon.


  • Sensual and strong smell
  • Spicy
  • Intense
  • Ultra-Masculine


I wanted a fragrance which can help me personify my style and to which I can relate. Mostly the fragrances are pretty generic in nature and specific to the consumer’s demands. However, the Emblem Intense is the scent which is up to my taste and I would suggest everyone,  try it for once

8. Mont Blanc Legend Night

The Mont Blanc Legend has aromatic notes of clary sage peppermint which is enhanced with cool spices. The fragrance is fresh and lovely. The opening is so bright that it feels as the radiance from the sun. When it is used by a man it helps to magnify the radiance and enhances the aura of the man. The middle notes help to counterbalance the effects of the first impression by the warm elegance which counterbalances the rich freshness. The precious scent of cedar wood and lavender blend well with classic men’s fragrance.


  • Floral
  • Dual Tone


My husband uses the Mont Blanc Legend Night which is highly appreciated by me. The spicy and sensual smell which later translates into the floral smell is just amazing. The cool and refreshing smell is just so pleasing

9. Mont Blanc Lady Emblem

The emblem version is a big hit among the men. Seeing this, the Mont Blanc released the Lady emblem for the feminine consumers. The feminine version was launched in the year 2014 spring. It is known for its floral, spicy and woody character smell. The composition consists of red currant jam, peach and pink rose.  The heart is intense and woody, including accords of sandalwood, patchouli, and rosewood. In the end, the composition exudes intense tones of musk and raspberry.


  • Exclusive for women
  • Counterpart of Emblem series
  • Fruity fragrant


I was a fan of the Mont Blanc perfumes but the Emblem for the feminine is must-have for every woman. It is not at all made for any special moment but can be worn easily on every occasion without giving much thought to it. This fruity smell charms everyone around me

10. Mont Blanc Lady Emblem Elixir

The feminine version of the Mont Blanc Legend fragrance was the Lady Emblem which was launched in the year 2014. A new enhanced and the better edition was released in the month of November 2015 named the Lady Emblem Elixir. This fragrance was much sophisticated with a mix of fruity, floral and woody character. It is defined as the older version of the original fragrance with a new interpretation of the scent of roses.  It has pepper, litchi, mandarin and oak wood as the opening notes.  The fragrance develops in the heart of the flowers such as the jasmine, orange blossom, iris, and absolute rose.


  • Much intense
  • More charming
  • Better than ever


I gifted this scent to my mother on her retirement and she was very happy after it is first used. I still remember her saying that she once again want to visit the school to show this magical scent to all her colleagues
These fragrances are a must have for any man or woman is fond of the style