Top 10 Best Gucci Colognes for Men [2019 Update]

Top 10 Best Gucci Colognes for Men [2019 Update]

Gucci is Class.

Gucci makes awesome products.

But Gucci wasn’t always the best in Men’s Colognes.

Even though Gucci’s dominance in Women’s Perfumes was indisputable, it had little to show in Men’s Cologne’s.

You might be WONDERING!

How can a Legendary brand like GUCCI, lose out to other Brands like Tom Ford, Creed, Burberry, Nautica or even Curve.


It took GUCCI time to understand the Men’s Cologne industry


Once they did, they became pretty Goddam Good at it.

No wonder Gucci is so famous! Every man needs a cologne to define himself, and Gucci has every possible scent that can make any man give an everlasting impression.

Here are some of the Best Gucci Colognes according to the reviews and number of purchases:-

Top 10 Best Gucci Colognes for Men


1. Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme

Though it doesn’t possess an intense aroma, this cologne incorporates the fragrances of coriander, lavender, and patchouli mixed to bring the result of a classy, bold, and manly scent. This feature gives the opportunity for a man to walk out in a fresh and masculine aroma, without seeking too much attention. The extravagant scent that existed in the Guilty Black aroma is stripped in this present men’s rendition of the same. The mixture of lavender, coriander, and patchouli scents give the impression of a bold, and provocative yet composed man.


  • The scent is fresh, and not too strong
  • It can be perfect to wear and can withstand all weather conditions.
  • The crisp and fresh scent of this cologne lingers all day with its long-lasting effect

Whether it’s a date, wedding, reunion or a casual party, this is the perfect cologne to opt for. Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme suits best when paired with casual wear. The subtle yet bold fragrance is well suited for both men and women, hence it can be used as a unisex product.

Notable Review

The subtle and light scent makes this perfect to be used by anyone! Highly recommend this product for anybody who’s looking for something that stays fresh longer, and also carries a bold scent, without seeming too strong. I actually bought this for my husband, and even used it myself!”

2. Gucci Guilty Intense

Another one of the Gucci collection of men’s colognes, that is definitely worth checking out, is the ‘Gucci Guilty Intense’. The various exotic scents infused within, make it stand out from the others. As a matter of fact, the intensity of the cologne comes from the unique yet pleasant aroma, and not because of it being an attention seeker! The dense concentration of the cologne gives it a long-lasting effect. Balancing the fragrances of patchouli, cedar, citrus, and lemon gives a romantic and intense result, which makes it perfect for a man to make a long-lasting impression with women.

Gucci Guilty Intense is a wonderful cologne that suits best to wear during evenings. The warmth and masculinity of this sweet, spicy and floral edged cologne give it a greater advantage compared to other ones. Perfect for winter and autumn season, it can be also used in small amounts for a light flair or tint of perfume for casual wear as well!


  • The crisp and fresh fragrance
  • Definitely noticeable, and worth complimenting
  • Fantastic smell
  • Lasts long
  • Very Sensual

Notable Review

“It is so intense, yet not too overbearing or irritating. You definitely can’t miss it! Very nicely balanced and versatile to wear. Can be worn any time, any day, of any season. Definitely worth buying!”

3. Gucci by Gucci Sports Pour Homme

This classy yet spicy cologne embodies a man’s determination that is unmatched. Hints of grapefruit, cardamom, figs, and patchouli bring out the best result for any man on the go! The cologne also imbued with cypress and juniper berry fragrances brings out an attractive scent that can make any man the center of attention, without being overbearing or annoying.

The pleasantly balanced scents mixed into one spectacular perfume is the reason why most people fall in love with the Gucci by Gucci Sports Pour Homme cologne. One spray is enough to bring you into a fab summer mood. This cologne is a perfect fit for sports, as the coniferous aroma gently suppresses the sweet fragrances of cardamom and figs. Suitable for any man, Gucci by Gucci Sports Pour Homme is admissible on the skin and not overbearing, which makes it perfect for daily wear.


  • A Masculine and woody fragrance
  • Very crisp and refreshing
  • A pleasant base of fruity aromas, masked beneath the scent of cypress

 Notable Review

“Its great, but could be even better if it has a longer lasting power compared to the other colognes from Gucci.”

4. Gucci Guilty Platinum by Gucci for Men

A modern version of a cologne that stands out to be unique because of its masculine and woody smell. A definite no-brainer for any man who loves being outdoors! It is specifically designed to complement the Gucci by Gucci perfume for women, it gives a refreshing nature-like scent that is very homely. A perfect couple can have the perfect match through complementing each other with these two scents. The rare blend of jasmine, tobacco leaves, amber, and patchouli brings this cologne to life! The long-lasting effect makes it perfect for you to save it for wearing on special nights.


  • The smooth aroma is extremely stylish to wear
  • The masculinity of the cologne pops with the soft infusion of jasmine and amber.
  • A confident, yet the smooth vibe is exerted with the scent of Tobacco leaves, which makes it impossible for you to be unnoticed.
  • The catchy and soothing depth of the cologne from patchouli makes it very intense.

 Notable Review

“No doubt! This is perfect for any man to feel complete with this effective cologne. The masculine scent is definitely a head-turner!”

5. Guilty by Gucci EDT Spray for Men

Infused with scents like lavender, and lemon with a few hints of patchouli, amber, and cedar, this cologne balances the strength of wooden scents with the flowery ones. Based on various customer reviews, the exact scent of the result of this cologne is undefined, which is why it stands out. You can definitely win some compliments while wearing this bad boy!


  • The freshness of this robust and subtle scent suits for every occasion
  • Seductive and Sexy


Notable Review

“Good, but it disappointed me because it didn’t last too long. The smell is great! But, not suitable for long wear”

6. Gucci Guilty Intense Eau De Toilette Spray

This citrusy cologne is great for men who need a cologne that leaves an impression during nights out. Though it is softer and when compared to the other colognes by Gucci, this can really do a great job for those who desire a subtle yet noticeable scent.


  • Long-Lasting
  • Not too strong, but definitely noticeable
  • Pleasant and sexy

Notable Review

This is amazing! Definitely, a must try for those who need a splash of refreshing yet an intense cologne that will last throughout the day/night”

7. Gucci Rush

This exotic yet sophisticated cologne can take your senses up to heights! It has a woody aroma with a hint of patchouli, sandalwood, gray musk. The Okoume wood and Cypress makes the cologne absolutely irresistible for any man to try.


  • Woody, yet very subtle
  • Long-lasting
  • Refreshing and smooth

Notable Review

“At first, I thought this would be very soft and light, but I was mind-blown by the result! I got compliments all day for it! Definitely, a must have for men who seek to make an impression!”

8. Gucci Pour Homme with a Woody Spice Fragrance

The unique blend of wooden scents with a sexy spicy aroma, makes the fruity scents seem soft and subtle for a man to be irresistible in the crowd! The perfect blend of ginger, papyrus, and olibanum makes this cologne suitable for a man who loves to carry a soft and sophisticated aroma with him.


  • Fruity yet masculine sensation
  • Long lasting
  • Light, and subtle yet attractive

 Notable Review

“This cologne had me awestruck! I walked past my boss, and even he said my cologne was great, coming from him, that’s a big thing!”

9. Gucci Pour Homme Woody Chypre

With a spectacular blend of the best of hints from bergamot, cypress, and violet, along with the infusion of scents like tobacco leaves, jasmine, patchouli, amber and a strong base of leather accord, this cologne has everything that can simply be labeled as ‘irresistible’. Perfect for men who like to carry a unique and sophisticated style.


  • Strong, yet very smooth and subtle
  • Perfect for men at work
  • Long-lasting

Notable Review

This cologne makes a great gift! I recently gave it to a friend and he absolutely loved it!”