Top 10 Best Creed Cologne For Men [2019]

Top 10 Best Creed Cologne For Men [2019]

A Cologne that smells of Royalty

A Cologne that was used by Royalty

That is CREED Colognes for you

Creed Colognes are the oldest brand of Fragrances today.

How Old?

Well! CREED Colognes was started by James Henry Creed in the 1760s. He started by mixing different Flowers, Woods etc.

And these Colognes were made exclusively for the British Royalty.

In fact:

CREED Colognes has been passed on from Father to Son for 7 generations.


Everyone from the British Royalty to the French Royals and even the American Presidents wear CREED Colognes.


Here are the Top 10 Best CREED Colognes

Best creed cologne for men

1. Creed Aventus Spray for Men

Creed Aventus was launched in the year 2010. It has been one of the greatest creation by Olivier and Erwin Creed. Their efforts put together to innovate a sweet and fruity scent has been appreciated by a majority of individuals who have opted for such aroma earlier. It a perfect scent to resist the bad aroma or unpleasant body smell for a longer period of time. The appropriate blend of distinct mixtures makes it unique and apart from all the other fragrances. The strong aroma of the scent has been praised for its durability period which is longer as well as consistent throughout.


  • Long lasting
  • Superior quality
  • Unique and sweet fragrance


The fragrance of the creed Aventus spray has created an unforgettable sensation to my nose. Its aroma is just commendable and it has been of immense importance to me” “The durability of the creed Aventus spry even at the time of heavy sweat is just awesome

2. Green Irish Tweed by Creed for Men

The green Irish was introduced into the world of fragrances in the year 1985 since then it has been one of the most preferred choices in the market. In addition, the fragrances of the same are refreshing whereas the fruity fresh essence adds the moment of fun. It is best suited for the masculine and has been effective in marking a different impression of the particular individual carrying the aroma even in a heavy crowd.


  • Fruity essence
  • Refreshing aroma
  • The perfect combination of mixtures with a sandalwood base


I am a manager to my company an influencing my staffs and colleagues has been an important part of my daily schedule. This part of my daily schedule has been eased by the green Irish tweed which has helped me to influence the mood of people around me through its refreshing and sweet fragrance I am masculine and have never thought that a gentle and fruity smell will create a sensation for my personality, the Irish tweed sweet fragrance proved me wrong

3. Creed Millesime Imperial Spray

The unique and different feature of the imperial Millesime spray by creed is that the perfume is unisex i.e. can be put to use by both the males and females. Besides, it has been a perfect blend for the citrus grove essence along with the different fruity notes. The natural touch in the fragrance of the imperial spray has made the love for tee product amongst the individuals stronger. In addition, it creates a gentle and refreshing aroma with a whimsical mood whenever sprayed.


  • Unisex perfume
  • Perfect blend with a natural touch
  • Satisfactory and refreshing fragrance


Creed Millesime imperial spray has been one of the most necessary items of my purchase cart. Moreover, opting for the product avoids making choices for a different fragrance for my hubby The refreshing and moderate aroma of the imperial spray is something which I really enjoy carrying to different places


4. Creed Silver Mountain Spray for Men

Creed Silver Mountain comprises of the notes of bergamot on top, black currant and green tea in the middle with a sandalwood and musk base. Its fragrance is appreciated by the individual. Moreover, it has been effectual in influencing the moods of an individual by creating the best sensation to their nose. Opting for the same is considered to be a wise decision which can further help you with a positive end result in the form of an enhanced body odor.


  • Creates an enthusiastic and refreshing mood
  • Best suited for any grand event or formal meet


Creed silver mountain spray was something to which I was introduced on my twenty frost birthday. Since then its fragrance has been my personal favorite If you are the one in search for the best fragrance then I would suggest you opt for the effectual creed silver mountain spray whose fragrance which will surely make you proud of your choice

5. Creed Santal for Unisex

Creed Santal has a twist, tangy and a spicy aroma along with fruity, floral and wood notes. The combination of all the above is unique and end up into a producing the best scent suitable for both men and women. The aroma of this scent spreads moderately into the environment further making you feel pleasant. In addition, the fragrance is cost-effective. To be more precise, the reasonable price charged in return for the quality fragrance is very reasonable and can be easily afforded by a majority.


  • Unisex
  • Spicy aroma
  • A combination of natural essence
  • Cost-effective


The fragrance smells great and refreshing when put to use Creed Santal has been my personal favorite and I love using the aroma regularly It has been a perfect choice for me and my better half and its fragrance has always made me proud of my purchase

6. Creed Vetiver for Men

The creed Vetiver has a unique fragrance which is best suited for the masculine. It is cool and refreshing fragrance plays a significant role in influencing the mood of the individuals. It is even remarked as a masterpiece of creed family because of its attractive and pleasant aroma. Its masculinity aroma has attracted an enormous crowd and enforced them to make a purchase. Thus, opting for the same is considered to be a convenient option which can further help you feel refreshed when put to use.


  • Appreciable aroma
  • Best masculinity fragrance
  • Refreshingly cool and clean fragrance


The creed Vetiver has helped me in creating a powerful and traditional gentlemanly vibe to mark a remarkable expression among the crowd of people It’s refreshing and cool aroma and attracted me as a bee struck at a sight of a beautiful flower I would love to suggest all men enjoy the refreshing fragrance of the Creed Vetiver by making a purchase for it


7. Himalaya by Creed for Men Spray

The Himalaya creed was an end result of the efforts made by father Olivier Creed and his son Erwin creed as a remembrance for the mountain-climbing expedition. This creation is a bit moderate in terms of the durability period but its fragrance has been attractive and preferred by those who have a great love for nature.


  • Refreshing to sense
  • Projects the beauty of mountains


Himalaya by creed has been the one with a very sweet aroma which I personally prefer using and will recommend each and every man to enjoy the true fragrance of nature by opting for the same Spraying a pinch of the Himalaya spray by creed helps be to suppress my unpleasant body odor for a longer period of time with a sense of refreshments and coolness

8. Creed Royal Water for Men

Creed royal water has an invigorating fragrance best suited for men. This fragrance is perfect to be worn in a romantic atmosphere as its sense of romanticism to the surrounding. Moreover, the fragrance marks the presence of a particular personality with its signature fragrance. The fragrance inherits confidence as well as a sense of royalty into the individuals carrying its fragrance. Besides, the wonderful aroma of the royal water makes it the most preferred choices. It is unique and apart from all the other creed fragrance in its own aspects.


  • Gentlemanly aroma
  • Best suited for a romantic date as well as formal meet
  • Build’s in confidence with its unique aroma


I was a single guy and was unable to impress any girl. Certainly, the creed royal water came into my life and helped me out to create a royal impression even in the large crowd. Now I am successfully in a relationship and its all thanks to the gentlemanly and royal fragrance of the creed royal water for men It creates a sense of confidence into me and built up my spirit to confront an enormous crowd of individuals without any hesitation

9. Creed Royal Oud Unisex Spray

Creed Royal Oud is remarked as the best fragrance to resist unpleasant body odor. the fragrance is best suited for both men and women. Its fragrance is a perfect blend of distinct aroma which ends up producing a soothing and bold fragrance ahead. In addition, the aroma of the creed royal is very powerful and spreads rapidly into the surroundings. In addition, it has the capability of suppressing body odor through its strong fragrance and that too all day long. Noting can be as better as the Royal Oud to mark your personality. Moreover, this signature spray is highly noticeable and attractive.


  • Bold and powerful aroma
  • Unisex perfume i.e. can be utilized by both men and women
  • Strong fragrance
  • Long lasting essence


I received a lot of compliments from my friend and colleagues for the signature fragrance of the creed royal Oud It is a perfect match for each and every member of the family The aroma of the creed royal Oud is so strong and pleasing that it helps me easily recognizes my husband fragrance even in a huge crowd

10. Creed Virgin Island Water for Men Spray

Creed Virgin Island is a complete blend of an adventurous atmosphere which is effectual in creating nostalgic vibes to the people. It has been an amazing fragrance which is unique and sets it apart from all others. Its amazing vibes makes it one of the most preferred choices by the individuals. It is simply amazing and its vibrant fragrance is loved by a majority of individuals opting for it. Moreover, it is referred to as a masterpiece with an enchanting fragrance which has effective in influencing the mood of an individual. The strong vibes of the fragrance are long-lasting and are best suited for the masculine with an unbearable body odor. Thus, opting for the same is considered to be a wise decision which comes up with quality benefits.


  • Vibrant and amazing fragrance
  • An attractive perfume
  • Strong yet pleasant aroma


I loved the awesome fragrance of creed virgin island water. This fragrance has further enforced me to make a purchase again and again The fragrance of the creed virgin island water reminds me of the reminiscent of water. Moreover, its nostalgic vibes have been amazing and heart winning The cost charged for the signature Virgin Island by creed is very reasonable and I can easily afford for it without any hesitation